Book title "Whatever happened to Kathy Keay?" by Marion Osgood

From the Introduction

Kathy made a singular contribution in the 1980s and 1990s to changing attitudes concerning the position of women in the church. Her contribution was timely, probably influencing the evangelical vote in Synod for the Anglican ordination of women. The effects continue today, as we inevitably approach the enthronement of the first female bishops. She was prominent, often controversial, in a succession of mainline Christian organisations, and her initiative in founding Men, Women and God gave us an enduring legacy.

She was strikingly outspoken in championing the cause of those who find themselves single – in family-orientated local church or society at large. On this and other subjects her stance was both theological and political, as her vivid and engaging speaking and writing style became increasingly well-known. But her concern was also personal, as she struggled with loneliness within her own enforced celibacy.

Kathy’s influences and achievements are still felt today. And her battles are ours also. Either ours personally, or those whom we seek to help pastorally in our churches and organisations.

How do we respond to the Kathys of today’s generation? To us it may look as if they have made unwise choices. But are we able to maintain our commitment to them as members of our wider family, understanding their pain, whilst determining at all costs to celebrate with them their vision and courage?


Please follow this link to hear an extract from the book . The extract was read at the book's launch and is taken from Chapter 16