Book title "Whatever happened to Kathy Keay?" by Marion Osgood

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A new biography by Marion Osgood:

Cover design by Audri Coleman based on an original quilt created by Gail Lawther

"Whatever happened to Kathy Keay?"

For nearly twenty years until her tragic death in 1994, Kathy Keay engaged, challenged and inspired the Christian world, speaking, writing and debating on a myriad of subjects. Using Kathy's own writing, including personal diaries and letters, and interviews with those closest to her, Marion Osgood reveals the intense inner struggles that accompanied her achievements as she endeavoured to follow her God-given calling in the midst of human frailty.

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What others say...

Clive Calver, Senior Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church, Bethel, CI
“It takes a lot to bring me to tears, but this tale of an old friend achieved just that. Kathy’s dreams, her successes and failures, her unquenchable spirit, all are here combined to portray the real memory of a very special person. This is a moving story, gently and sensitively told, of a woman used by God to touch so many lives. I didn't always agree with her, but she left an indelible memory. You will find that we all still gain from this solitary, yet singular life.”

Joel Edwards, International Director, Micah Challenge
"When I began work with the Evangelical Alliance in 1988 Kathy Keay and Men, Women and God was an abiding presence. But I never met her before now.  Marion Osgood has done us all a huge service. She has called her from backstage to take a well-deserved bow."

Viv Faull, Dean, Leicester Cathedral
“As Dean I work to enable the stories of individual lives to find their significance in God's great story. Kathy Keay's story of longing, of beauty, of artistry and of passion is itself a vivid patchwork. I rejoice that the story I knew only in part is now laid out in its vulnerability and glory. And I thank the Lord in whose presence Kathy is now fully known.”

JJohn, Director, Philo Trust
"Kathy Keay was Compassionate, Creative, Compelling and Courageous - I felt privileged to have known her and am delighted that Marion Osgood has retold her story. Read Kathy Keay's story and be inspired in your life story which is still being written."

George VerwerFounder, Operation Mobilisation
"I believe it was in God’s great providence that I met this unusual woman and it was a challenge and blessing to be her friend.  What a shock for so many of us when she died so young; I was present at her funeral and shed many tears.  Her pilgrimage set forth in this book is not the easy normal road, but you will be moved as you read it.  We need to reach out more to people when they are with us for none of us know when we will go."

Extract from Foreword by Veronica Zundel

"...Reading this meticulously researched and moving biography has reminded me just how often Kathy’s life paralleled mine… in 1976 we were both experiencing living in community…  while in 1978 we both went for the first time to Israel. I suppose it is inevitable that the lives of two outspoken single Christian women, both writers, would encounter the same issues of challenge and exclusion, and these similarities fostered our continuing friendship...

 The situation for Christian women has changed somewhat, but not enough, and that is the continuing relevance of Kathy’s story .There are still plenty of women, single or married, who find their creativity and intelligence frustrated by a male-led church and a still unequal society. Her witness and contribution deserve to be remembered and pondered. Many women will find themselves in her life, and hopefully men will be led to think again…

Whatever concerns she gave her friends, Kathy always gave as much as she got, and her humour, colourful clothes and colourful personality were a joy to many. Friendship was perhaps her greatest legacy, even more than all her writing and speaking. She would have been in her element on Facebook, a development she didn’t live to see.

Marion Osgood has done both those who knew Kathy, and those who didn’t, a real service by telling Kathy’s story. I hope many will read it and learn from her exceptional life."

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